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Become a volunteer at the Rhodes Marathon

The Rhodes Marathon expresses a set of principles that promote values and ideals, culture and sport. Over the years, the event has been upgraded and modernised and has gained the recognition of society, enhancing the image of the island and its dynamism. Volunteerism through its actions, tries to highlight a soul action, contributing to the strengthening of collectivity and human communication, providing high quality services to the runners during the race.

What is volunteering?

The concept of volunteering is linked to solidarity and selfless giving. Volunteering is expressed in many ways, each with its own character and method of action. What they all have in common, however, is their contribution to the defence of fundamental rights. Volunteering is not just a term, it is a way of life and has a constructive effect on society as it concerns everyone regardless of social and economic discrimination, promotes the active participation of citizens in the community and strengthens social solidarity and cohesion. More than 500 volunteers participated in our 2016 event so that it could be completed safely and successfully. Their contribution was of huge importance both for the event and for the runners themselves, so we thank them very much!
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Requirements to become a volunteer

The availability of the volunteer candidate for the duration of the event is a basic requirement, due to the high degree of responsibility he/she assumes. In emergency situations, when a volunteer is required to respond to a critical situation, he/she follows exactly the steps indicated in the personal accreditation he/she holds and looks for professionals who can be available within a very short period of time.

Are you interested in becoming a member of the big family of the Rhodes Marathon? Fill in the volunteer application form and experience the magic of the race in person!

If you have any questions about Volunteering in the Rhodes Marathon, please contact [email protected]

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