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8th International Marathon of Rhodes

The Rhodes Marathon has the official approval of the SEGAS as well as the AIMS & IAAF that ensure the validity and international recognition of the race.

Date: Sunday 30 April 2023

Time: 07:30am

The route of 21.097m. consists of two half marathon turns and starts from: Rhodes Centre Eleftherias Square ➢ Sahtouri Beach ➢ Australias Street ➢ New Rhodes Ring Road ➢ 1st Turn at the traffic lights of the intersection of New Rhodes Ring Road with Kallithea Avenue ➢ New Rhodes Ring Road ➢ Australias Street ➢ Akti Shachtouri ➢ Eleftherias Gate ➢ Mili ➢ 2nd Turnaround at Elafaki ➢ Mandraki Marina ➢ Center, Eleftherias Square ➢ Pl. Kountouriotis Square ➢ Savvas Nikolaou Street ➢ Georgiou Papanikolaou Street ➢ Kos Street ➢ Leros Street ➢ Kalymnos Street ➢ Akti Miaouli ➢ Kato Petres ➢ Kritika/Ialyssou Street ➢ 3rd Turnaround at the traffic lights at the intersection of ➢ Ialyssou/Krytika Street with Iliades Street (Faneromeni) ➢ Ialyssou/Krytika Street ➢ Kato Petres ➢ Akti Miaouli ➢ Kalymnos Street ➢ Leros Street ➢ Kos Street ➢ Georgiou Papanikolaou Street ➢ Eleftherias Square ➢ Termination: Centre of Rhodes, Eleftherias Square.

The course must be completed within 3 hours for the runner's finish to be officially recorded. 

All runners participating in the Rhodes Marathon and Half Marathon will receive:

- Runner Participation Number

- Electronic timekeeping with chip

- Commemorative Finish Medal

- Commemorative electronic participation diploma

- Provision of water, sports drinks, gel, bananas and medical services during and after the race.

-Sports massage at the finish line

- Cotton bag with the official t-shirt of the race and gifts from the sponsors.

Participation cost 40€


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